Oral medicine sedation maxillofacial imaging

Service topics

  • Diagnosis, prevention and treatment of systemic diseases that are expressed in, including heart disease (heart failure, ischemic heart disease, valve replacement, etc.)
  • Vascular disease (stroke and more(
  • Diabetes, liver and kidney diseases, including dialysis patients
  • Organ transplants
  • Patients with allergies to anesthetics and dental materials.
  • Preventing the spread to the whole body of oral diseases.
  • Special approach to dental treatments in medically compromised patients. The clinic and staff are well equipped for medical emergencies.
  • Orofacial pain, diagnosis and treatment
  • Salivary glands diseases, diagnosis and treatment
  • Oral mucosal diseases, diagnosis and treatment
  • Oral and dental emergencies treatment
  • Diagnosis of taste and smell disturbances
  • Dental care under sedation and general anesthesia
  • Maxillofacial radiology pathologies diagnosis


The department's diagnostics and treatments are carried out with  a variety of drugs and in unique formulations. Kits and devices in the forefront of technology that include digital monitoring of oral acidity, neurometry for sensory impairment in the maxillofacial region. Use of polarized light waves to diagnose precancerous lesions, biomodulation therapies using low level  lasers, injections to trigger points in the head and neck region, endoscopy of the salivary glands and three-dimensional imaging of the maxillofacial region as well as sialograms. Use of cutting- edge vital signs monitoring for dental special care pateitns including Target Control Drug Infusion (TCI) Bispectral index monitor and Integrated Pulmonary Index (IPI) systems. The department also treat dental special care patients under general anesthesia.

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