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The Hebrew University-Hadassah Faculty of Dental Medicine was founded in 1953 as a joint initiative of the Hebrew University, Hadassah and the Alpha Omega International Dental Fraternity. The faculty provides the highest standard of Dental Medicine through a comprehensive approach involving the training of dentists and dental auxiliary professionals, extensive community outreach programs and innovative research into dental diseases, application of new technologies in the field and extensive research in the craniofacial complex.

The agreement between the Hebrew University which was founded in 1925 as a research university and Hadassah determines that the first three out of six years of studies, towards a D.M.D. degree, are under the general responsibility of the Hebrew University, called the pre-clinical years, while Hadassah will be responsible for the following three clinical years. Thus, the Faculty of Dental Medicine is comprised of two main sectors; the pre-clinical and the clinical departments.

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Faculty News

A memorial day of Dr. Michael (Miki) Schwartz

January 20, 2019

A memorial service marking the third anniversary of the death of Dr. Michael (Miki) Schwartz


On the third anniversary of the passing of

The late Dr. Michael (Miki) Schwartz

We will go to his grave on Friday, February 1, 19 at 10:00

In the Givat Shaul cemetery (Gush Katif bloc, plot 7)

We meet in the small parking lot up the road of the obituary

After the ceremony we will meet at the Schwartz home for study and refreshment

At 5 Gedalyahu St. in Jerusalem