Research Vision of the Faculty of Dental Medicine

The research vision of the Faculty is to deepen and expand the basic research, clinical and clinical research in dentistry, through research conducted within the framework of the Institute of Dental Sciences and in the various clinical departments. Over the last decade, we have witnessed a tremendous boom in dental research worldwide, which is reflected in the number of articles published in prestigious journals and the allocation of research funds to the field. The Faculty works to advance research in dentistry on all levels and topics. The Faculty encourages the recruitment of young researchers from new fields, based on their excellence, who will develop original research channels in dentistry. We encourage basic and clinical collaborations with faculties and hospitals in Israel and abroad, in order to increase research efforts in the field, and to train DMD students to serve as clinicians with basic research abilities who will contribute to advanced dental research.

Promoting the basic research on dentistry:
• In this framework, the Institute includes basic sciences in dentistry, which includes researchers from various fields of research such as immunology, microbiology, stem cells development, epigenetics and bone.
• Increasing cooperation with institutes / researchers from different countries
• Increasing the number of students studying for graduate degrees in research at the Institute
• Expanding research topics by absorbing new researchers
• Deepening the relationship with clinicians in order to increase quality clinical studies
• Promotion of transitional research on biomedical issues

Promoting clinical research in dentistry:
• Research carried out in the Faculty by the clinical staff and directly related to oral diseases, cancer, oral medicine, periodontics, orthodontics, endodontics, pedodontics, rehabilitation and public dentistry.
• Training students with dual degrees (DMD / Ph.D), which will form the next generation of future researchers / clinicians
• Deepening contact with researchers at the Institute of Dental Sciences
• Promoting applied research in dentistry (technological developments and advanced materials for treatment)
• Establishment of a division in the Department of Community Dentistry for the development of Big Data Center and clinical studies and analysis of the data using Bioinformatics and other tools.

List of research departments: