Department of Orthodontics - Clinics for the General Public


The Department of Orthodontics clinic has 12 fully equipped dental units with the latest equipment. The professional staff includes 20 full- and part-time specialist orthodontists, many with academic positions, and several volunteer specialists. There are 10 postgraduate students who are an integral part of the department and have a major share in the treatment of patients under the supervision of the specialists. The support staff includes dental assistants and technicians. The department offers consultations and routine orthodontic treatment as well as treatment in special clinics.


Consultations and routine treatment clinic – provided to the general public, for all ages and for patients undergoing treatment in other departments in the dental school.


Early orthodontic treatment clinic – orthodontic evaluation and treatment for young children. To differentiate between malocclusions that should be treated early or later, an initial orthodontic examination is indicated at the age of 8. In some cases, early treatment can prevent further development of malocclusion or even solve the entire problem.


Impacted teeth clinic – diagnosis and treatment of patients with impacted teeth in collaboration with the oral and maxillofacial surgery department.


Clinic for adult orthodontics and complex conditions – this clinic is at the forefront of advanced techniques, offering the latest ceramic tooth-colored brackets, brackets on the lingual (tongue) side of the teeth, transparent splints and clear aligners (Invisalign) as well as orthodontic implants which are offered as an alternative to the use of headgear for some adults and other exceptional cases.

Patients with complex conditions are treated by a multidisciplinary team of specialists in periodontics, oral rehabilitation, endodontics and oral surgery.


Cleft lip and/or palate clinic – inter-departmental treatment is given by orthodontists together with experts in plastic surgery, oral surgery, pedodontics, prosthodontics, ear, nose & throat, and speech therapy.


Orthognathic surgery clinic – treatment including surgery to correct serious malformations of skeletal jaw structures, head and neck syndromes and tumors or growth disorders. Treatment involves close collaboration between the orthodontic and maxillo-facial surgery departments. 


Special needs orthodontic clinic – for patients with developmental, physical, or mental disabilities.


Hemifacial Microsomia clinic – for patients with this and other asymmetry malformations from early childhood into adulthood.


Location: The Orthodontic Clinic is located at the School of Dental Medicine, 2nd floor.

To make an appointment please phone 02-6778100.


Department secretary: Sara Berger 02-6776184  saraberger@hadassah.org.il