Periodontal (Gum) Treatment – Patient Services

In our clinic, the department's doctors offer the public periodontal treatment as well as dental implant placement.  We have agreements with some of the dental insurance organizations.

Periodontal diseases are caused by bacteria which induced inflammation of the gums and the tissues anchoring the teeth to the jaw.

In many cases, the treatment of periodontal disease is non-surgical.  In some severe cases, an operation is recommended when seen as giving better results to improve gum health.

Treatments offered at the clinic

  • Assessment and consultation – gums and dental implants
  • Non-surgical treatments – instruction in oral hygiene, removal of calculus, root planing, therapeutic treatments to combat inflammation and infection
  • Periodontal surgery – gum operations
  • Periodontal Plastic surgery – gum operations for esthetic reasons – operations to treat soft tissues (such as gum recession, asymmetry of the Treatments under sedation – gum treatments, dental implants and bone augmentation using sedation as needed by the patient
  • Treatment of inflammation around dental implants
  • Maintenance – responding to the need for long-term follow-up and maintenance for patients who had gum treatments or dental implants

Special treatment centers available in our clinic

  • Center for Laser-Aided Periodontal Treatments – Prof. A. Stabholz
  • Center for Dental Implants – placement of dental implants, augmenting bone for implants, sinus lifts
  • Center for Computer-Guided Implants – Dr. T. Chackartchi, Dr. R. Asher
  • Center for Micro-Surgery Gum Treatments – Dr. D. Polak
  • Center for Assistance in Rapid Tooth Straightening – Individual gum treatment which facilitates the shortening of orthodontic treatment time in adults up to one third of conventional treatment – Dr. A. Klinger
  • Center for Treatment of Gum Disease in Children and Adolescents – Prof. A. Stabholz

Clinic Location:  Dental Building, New Wing, 3rd floor

In Charge:  Mrs. Iris Shaya

Contact information:      Telephone *4578 or 02-677 6132