Prof. Stella Chaushu

  • Biology and immunology of orthodontic tooth movement
  • Orthodontic tooth movement through regenerative materials;
  • Heredity patterns in palatal impactions;
  • Impacted teeth – diagnosis, damage and failures
  • Orthodontic treatment in periodontal patients
  • Dental anomalies: diagnosis and treatment
  • Risk management in orthodontics
  • Psychological aspects of orthodontic treatment

Dr. Miri Haisraeli-Shalish

  • Hereditary patterns in palatal impactions
  • Dental anomalies: diagnosis and treatment
  • Interaction between antioxidants, biofilm and orthodontics;
  • Influence of mouth breathing on craniofacial development
  • Psychological aspects of orthodontic treatment
  • Incidence of malocclusions in Israeli youth

Dr. Atalia Wasserstein

  • Orthodontic root resorption
  • Risk management in orthodontics;
  • Dental anomalies: diagnosis and treatment
  • Development of the dentition

Dr. Yossi Abed

  • Retention following orthodontic treatment
  • Indices for smile esthetic analysis in profile
  • Effectiveness of different stripping methods
  • Quality of different imaging techniques;
  • Effectiveness of functional appliances

Dr. Oded Yitschaky

  • Qualitative evaluation of the orthodontic profession
  • Source of stress among dental students

Dr. Avi Leibovitch

  • Growth and development: relationship between the gradient of signaling and embryo size
  • Impacted canines – diagnosis and treatment

Dr. Omer Fleissig

  • Biology and immunology of orthodontic tooth movement
  • Molecular reaction of fibroblasts to mechanical pressure
  • Orthodontic tooth movement through regenerative materials;

Prof. Yocheved Ben Bassat

  • Psychological aspects of orthodontic treatment in patients with clefts;
  • Incidence of malocclusions in the Israeli youth
  • Asymmetrical occlusion in patients with ocular torticollis

Prof. Ilana Brin

  • Asymmetrical occlusion in patients with ocular torticollis
  • Incidence of malocclusions in the Israeli youth


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